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Yerba mate

yerba mate with bombila
yerba mate plant

One of the magic ingredients of London Mate Dry Gin is Yerba Mate. Long ago, in the lush forests of South America, there lived a tribe of indigenous people who discovered the magical properties of a plant they called Yerba mate. They used the plant to make tea which gave them energy and helped them to focus during long hunting trips and tedious tasks. As the tribe grew, so did the popularity of Yerba mate. It became a staple in their culture and was passed down from generation to generation. As the tribe's influence spread, so did the popularity of Yerba mate, and it soon became a beloved beverage throughout South America – Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Southern Brazil and Uruguay…etc. Over time, Yerba mate became more than just a drink. It became a symbol of friendship, hospitality and community. People would gather together to share a gourd of mate, passing it around and enjoying the company of their friends and family. The drink is prepared by steeping the leaves and twigs of the Yerba mate plant in hot water and then consuming through a metal straw called a bombilla. Yerba mate is known for its strong and bitter flavour. Today, Yerba mate is gaining popularity worldwide for its unique flavour and health benefits. Whether enjoyed alone or with friends, Yerba mate is a symbol of South America's rich cultural heritage and traditions.

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Anibal's Story

Torre Distillery, Anibal Torres founder

Anibal Torres, a Londoner with Argentine roots, was formally a general manager for bars, pubs and restaurants. During his managerial experience, he had already started gathering knowledge of drinks from different sources worldwide and visited many distilleries, wineries and breweries. As a mate drinker all his life, he founded Torre London Ltd and created "mate gin", influenced by the love of his mate beverage. At the beginning of his experimenting, Anibal incorporated Yerba mate into his gin recipe, using a small artisanal copper alembic still and distilling the first small batches of gin with fresh fruits, flowers, barks, spices and fresh herbs from his garden. The flavour greatly impressed his friends because of its unique and delicate taste! From that moment, he realised he had developed a unique and world-class taste that gin enthusiasts would appreciate. Anibal started his gin creations with the arrival of the Arnold Holstein copper pot still (which, following the tradition of distilleries, he personalised by naming it after his late mother, Rosa, in March 2023). Today, through Torre London Ltd, Anibal is building the London Mate Dry Gin brand as a testament to his dedication and passion for distilling. Combining Yerba mate, juniper berries and eight other botanicals ensures exclusivity and brand identity. As one of the branded gins being developed by Torre London Ltd, this signature gin is a true representation of Anibal's commitment to his craft!

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