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Torre Distillery
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Torre London Ltd

Routermaster bus, painting by Jeremy Dickinson

The design of the logo of  Torre London Ltd was based on the concepts of   ‘tower’ and the ‘botanicals’ arranged in the ‘shape of a bottle’. The bottle is protected by the tower and represents the dedication, quality and attention to detail of the product.

 The ten botanicals used in London Mate Dry Gin are carefully selected and blended to create a unique, luxurious and aromatic flavour. The quality control and the final production are all managed in our London distillery site, setting it apart from all other competitors.

 Each of our new products features a different artwork design on the label to represent London. This will be visible on the reverse of the label. Our first product is an image of the classic red Routemaster double-decker bus. It was created by the London-based artist Jeremy Dickinson.


Unit 4-9, Building A, Wembley Commercial Centre,

East Lane, London,  HA9 7UR, UK

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